Stressed-out? Time to relax. Try SteamWorx Sauna for a comfortable, stress-free rest and leave your worries at the door. Going to the sauna and getting a steam bath is a great way to unwind. Just ask the Finns.

The Finns put the word "sauna" into the universal dictionary. Going into one is not only considered a luxury to them or to while away the time. Sauna is a part of the Finnish culture and a part of what they are as a people. In fact, in the past, many women gave birth within saunas and you can still meet many of those children today. When many Finns then moved, they always created saunas for the many benefits they gave. For practical reasons, people could live in it, cook in it (with a stove, of course), clean themselves and, as mentioned, give birth in it.

Saunas now proliferate, a perfect place for mental relaxation and to simply live the moment either in calming silence or in the company of others. More importantly, saunas help cleanse the body for one's physical well-being. The benefits are quite good. Steam bathing aids in removing toxins from the body, improving the respiratory system and working against arthritis, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, colds and allergies.

For your sauna experience, let SteamWorx do the work for you! We offer excellent services and our facilities will not leave you hanging. There are regular baths that may be private for solo or couple's use, and ones that may accommodate a small to bigger group of people.

You may opt for steam and shower cabins with a Finnish touch-a wood-burnig heater, a chimney, a bunch of birch branches called vihta to dip in water and tap parts of the body with, hard enough to stimulate circulation. How about trying out our outdoor steam barrel saunas? They are surprisingly spacious and comfy inside (maximum of four persons allowed). There are other things to consider as well. We have eucalyptus-scented steam rooms while somes rooms use digital faucets and vitamin showers. There are people who may prefer infrared saunas. We have those, too.

Steam really works! At SteamWorx Sauna, that is a guarantee.